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Educational Resources for Global Child Health

049075-3d-transparent-glass-icon-natural-wonders-star16-solidThe APPD PEG has complied two essential documents for global health educators.

Additional resources for starting a program can be found below.

  • Websites
    • Global Health Curriculum Toolkit: A collection of resources for developing global child health curricula.
    • AAP Global offers the AAP International Website designed for pediatricians and other child health professional working on improving child health all over the world. This Website presents information about international program, with activities focused on child advocacy, pediatric education, membership, networking opportunities, publications and journals.
    • Consortium of Universities for Global Health has compiled a number of excellent resources for global health students and educators, including clinical case studies, a compilation of online global health resources, and training modules.
    • The Global Health eLearning Center developed by the USAID Bureau of Global Health provides access to technical public health information. These free internet-based courses provide useful and timely continuing education for health professionals; offer state-of-the-art technical content on key public health topics; and, serve as a practical resource for increasing public health knowledge.
    • Other organizations with resources for global child health educators
  • Videos
  • Textbooks

    • Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine.  Eddleston M, Davidson R, Brent A, Wilkinson R.  3rd Ed.  2008.518XqzX7kpL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_
    • Textbook of Global Child Health. (D. Kamat, P. Fischer.): A comprehensive reference that combines travel medicine, practicing medicine in other countries, and reviews diseases endemic in the tropics and resource-limited areas.

UntitledNote: In late Fall, 2016, we will house an interactive resource guide here for programs starting pediatric global health education programs. Many of these resources can be found on this page currently, but check back soon for an interactive user friendly tool.

Curriculum Resources on Global Child Health Education

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