GH Curricula

There are several curricula available for educators to use with their pediatric residency programs regardless of how established their global health education program is. We highlight several here which have either been developed or evaluated by members of the PEG. Others can also be found in the Pediatric Residency Global Health Training Program Starter Resources Guide.

UntitledSimulation Use for Global Away Rotations (SUGAR)

  • Standardized simulation curriculum allowing for residents to experience challenges of working in limited-resource setting
  • Developed and evaluated by a multi-institutional consortium led by Sabrina Butteris, MD and Mike Pitt, MD
  • Web-based training for facilitators to lead cases via downloadable casesPicture2

PEARLS (Procedural Education for Adaptation to Resource-Limited Settings): A SUGAR Spin-Off

  • Instructional and demonstration videos which showcase pearls for making medical devices/performing procedures without access to traditional supplies
  • Developed by a multi-institutional team led by Rachel Bensman, MD, under the guidance of the SUGAR co-creators Mike Pitt, MD and Sabrina Butteris, MD.


Global Child Health Education Modules Project (G-CHEMP)

  • Web-based peer-reviewed interactive modules on several topics in GCH
  • Developed by a multi-institutional working group led by Suzinne Pak-Gorstein, MD
  • Entire series to be made available online by 2016
  • Two very helpful modules availble now for resident preparation on culture/culture shock and pre-travel preparation for work on an international elective

Global Pediatric Education Series (G-PEDS)

  • Peer-reviewed online course in global child health
  • Available for purchase for use by all residents in a program for an annual fee

Canadian Paediatric Society Global Child Health Curriculum

  • Four downloadable courses with training for an institutional site lead to facilitate

gchopGlobal Child Health Objectives Project (G-CHOP)

  • Self-directed learning objectives paired with resources for all rotations of pediatric residency
  • Developed and evaluated by a multi-institutional working group led by Nikki St. Clair
  • “Chops” a large amount of global health topics into bite-sized monthly portions for resident trainees

BU edX Global Health MOOCs—The Practitioner’s Guide to Global 1Health:  Four multi-disciplinary online preparation courses that are interactive, case-based, evaluative, enable tracking for program directors, and are free of charge. (PI Gabrielle Jacquet)